For all activities there is no time limit. As well, you are entitled to use our beach all day as well. It’s a man-made beach, with volleyball, horseshoes, ladder ball and various other beach activities. The beach is along a flowing freshwater creek where you can sit and relax in your lawn chair.

  • The field fee is $55. This includes 500 paint-balls, co2, face masks and a marker. With 10 or more players we offer a discounted field fee of $50 per player.
  • Extra paint is $25 for 500 with co2 supplied free.
  • If you use your own gun, we will provide everything else for the standard field fee.
  • Access to the ATV park is only $20 per ATV and passengers are free! This fee is good for all day access, including access to the beach and available games. We also offer reasonable seasonal ATV rates!